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About this mod

This is my first mod for Minecraft so I consider it a learn as you go style of scripting. As such this mod is far from complete. At this point i would classify this mod as a utility mod, but I dont plan on keeping it that way. Next thing I plan to do besides expand the blocks already there, is to give this mod a purpose. My idea thus far is to do something like the movie stargate or something like the tv show sliders. Basically I want to add a bunch of dimensions with either very imited portals to them or maybe even an element of randomness in portal destinations. By limited I mean adding only a few places in each dimension where the portals can be found, making you look for them to gain access to another dimension. I havent totally decided how im going to implement it but I do know i want more than one or two dimensions added to my mod. I am open somewhat to suggestions so if you have an idea feel free to hit me up. See my contact info lower down in page if you do. I also plan on expanding the decorative part of the mod, more tiles, more lighting, whatever I can add that might not be covered elsewhere. i dont want to create blocks other mods already have, my intent is not to replace all other mods with mine. I want to make sure the blocks i add are blocks not found elsewhere either by look or functionality. Most of this is limited on what I can figure out by way of Forge methods I can override, extend, or implement. learning as I go means i will add new stuff as time and my knowlege of Forge allow.

About the Author

I have been doing some sort of code writing for the last 20 years or so. Java is my newest addition to a decent list of languages I know. This mod has been a good way for me to get familiar with Java, but I am no expert for sure. I currently work as a SQL Developer at a local software company. Father of 2 beautiful girls, of which the oldest at 3yrs already plays minecraft and loves to kill spiders and watch sheep. I write code in my free time which is about an hour or two at the end of every night once kids are in bed. Last language i learned was Lua, was working on a rather cool domain controller style network for computercraft computers to run. i decided to scrap that and instead work on learning how to mod this year. With hopes that at some point i could add in my own servers and lua code as an extension to computercraft. I may do this eventually in this mod but for now its slated for sometime in the not so near future.

Contact Information

I have a Facebook page for this mod for any feed back you might have.

Reporting bugs can be done there as well.. I will also update the post with version updates as well as on the downloads page of this site. Remember to include as much information as you can. A copy of the console log with the error in it is the most helpful, along with a list of mods your using along side my mod. Again make sure what you think is a bug is truly a bug. Errors are easy as Mincraft crashes, but bugs can be tricky. If at all possible make a video of the bug occuring if you have trouble describing it in words. Much easier to see whats going on that way for me. I imagine there will be a few bugs reported in the wire blocks. I have tested these fairly heavily and the bugs i have noticed are not really bugs as much as things happening you did not expect. like power in your wires not turning off. usually this is caused by poor design not a bug thus why I mention any of this in the first place. By poor design I am referring to expecting them to function just like vanilla redstone dust does and building stuff with that in mind. These blocks do have similarities to vanilla wire but they do in fact work completely different in most respects.