ImelCraft Forge Mod for Minecraft

Imelcraft Block and Item Reference

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This includes recipes and other useful imformation about all blocks and items you will encounter in Imelcraft. Connected textures for most of this mods blocks also include other blocks of the same ore type, so for example Copper, Copper Wire, and Copper Wire Light blocks all interconnect with each other. Also if a block or item is specified as ore dictionary compatible it means you can use other mods items / blocks of the same name in place of this mod's blocks or items. Currently this is only for ingots excluding block recipes made from 9 ingots, these are not ore dictionary compatible to keep recipes from colliding with other mods recipes, but all other recipes would allow for this. So for example only this mods Copper ingots can be used to create Copper blocks, but all other recipes requiring Copper ingots accept other mods ingots as long as they are also ore dictionary compatible and of the same type.

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