ImelCraft Forge Mod for Minecraft

ImelCraft Downloads

Current version download

Version 1.7.2-1.003 for Minecraft 1.7.2 download Link (forge-1.7.2- should work with any forge 1.7.2)
Version 1.7.10-1.002 for Minecraft 1.7.10 download Link (forge-1.7.10- should work with any forge 1.7.10)

Murdered By Zombies

version 1.7.10-alpha-001 Murdered By Zombies (forge-1.7.10- should work with any forge 1.7.10)

Forge Required get it here


Old Versions:








Installation Instructions:

Download my mod, if you dont have forge installed then go get the correct version of forge and install it. Remember to at least once open up minecraft and launch the vanilla version you plan to play before installing forge. then place the zip file you downloaded for this mod into the mods folder inside the Minecraft folder, forge creates this on install. then just launch minecraft making sure to choose the proper version in the launcher ie the one forge is attached to for the version you plan to run, usually at the bottom of the versions list. Reload minecreaft and your set. another note, if your using a preexisting world than realize the ores wont populate in chunks you already have walked through. to get the ores to populate you will need to find new previously undiscovered chunks for them to generate.

Version History:

07-31-2014 rolled out beta version but postponed release till August
08-15-2014 updated mod, added config file and key binding for wire blocks toggle
08-16-2014 started prep for official launch, set up website, facebook page ect..
08-17-2014 pushed mod up to dropbox for download, finalized website
08-18-2014 made update to mod assets created a new build with changes, pushed to website.
08-21-2014 Updated connected textures to work with 1.7.10, apparently they changed something
08-21-2014 added new download links to site with seperate downloads for each version
08-21-2014 made some changes to website, added more detail description of ores
08-23-2014 found bug in armor, when steel armor equipped there was some console log spam, located source and fixed this both versions noted display issue in 1.7.10 as well
08-23-2014 noted a lot of chunk load lag when testing with other mods, testing with buildcraft,Industrialcraft, NEI ,enderstorage, and project red
08-24-2014 did research into the chunk lag, appears to be a minecraft bug, skipping for now
08-24-2014 recompiled both 1.7 versions with armor fix, pushed to website
08-28-2014 recompiled both 1.7 versions with another armor fix where leggings appeared in the chestplates area when equipped
08-28-2014 also includes 23 new blocks, 16 colored tiles, chain link and barbed wire fencing, electric versions of the same and other blocks
08-28-2014 also adjusted some recipes a bit

Whats coming in next major version?

Current plans include adding more blocks to whats already there. Here is a short wish list of items/blocks I want to add.

Tweaks to recipes and existing block properties
Window frames (various sizes and styles)
colored glass (used with windowframes)
redstone repeater blocks
redstone repeater light blocks
Vanilla wire blocks
More Florescent Lanterns
More decorative tile blocks