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New blocks added to the current build include electric fencing thats redstone activated, chainlink and barbed wire fencing, razor wire, and more decorative blocks, also a minor fix to a 1.7.10 glitch in armor displaying in the wrong place. Much much more to come!

Imelcraft is a Minecraft mod which adds in a large number of new blocks and items to Minecraft. Some blocks include new fluids, new redstone lanterns, new basic blocks like ores, decorative blocks like wood flooring, plus a ton of new Multi-Block blocks that combine traits from several blocks into one new and unique block. This mod is a work in progress so there is a whole lot more planned for it. For now the mod only covers the basic core blocks and really has no other purpose other than extending minecraft with much needed blocks to help with builds and general all around survival.

Multi-Block Blocks

This is one of the core concepts of this mod, taking blocks and combining them to get new multi-functioning blocks. The main focus so far is working with redsone wire and redstone lanterns and combining them with other blocks to get redstone block wire and redstone block wire lanterns. Block wire functions a lot like redstone wire does in that it allows redstone current to pass through it, and the current degrades by 1 every block further away from the provider it is just like redsone wire. It differs however in several key ways. first off power in them is both directional and non-directional. Redstone wire is directional so powering from the left pushes power out the right and only powers the block its actually sitting on, or the block below it. redstone block wire instead powers all sides of the block at the same time so any block touching it will have power in any direction. Another key difference is that it still behaves like a normal block so you can connect levers directly to it, push it with piston, and more. Be careful mixing the vanilla redstone wire and these new combo blocks as the results might not be what you expect due to these subtle differences. Redstone block wire lanterns are exactly the same as the redstone wire blocks except that they also behave like lanterns and produce light when either powered or not. The advantage of these blocks is that they look like all the other blocks so it allows you to hide redstone wiring and accomplish wiring in a one block space. This allows you to for example have a one block thick wall with working light switches controlling lights some distance away, or it could allow you to light up a space without the need for countless number of torches everywhere, or make a glass roof that can also be how you light your room or house at night.

New Glass and Plexiglass

I know there are other mods with glass and with connected textures to boot. So this is not an attempt to replace those mods however to do what i wanted to do with the lantern blocks i needed my own type of glass, I chose pyrex and plexiglass as the ones i wanted to implement. Pyrex tends to look alot like vanilla glass except a lot clearer. It has about the same tensile strength as vanilla glass as well except that it drops itself when mined intead of being destroyed. Plexiglass on the other hand is much stronger, is blast resistant and even more clear than pyrex. Again it drops itself instead of being destroyed when mined.


There are 2 types of fluids and 16 colors of each. One set of 16 is just colored water, the other set is colored water that emits light, and the light it emits is much brighter than lava. Handy for lots of things like lighting up a cave or making your build look even cooler.

Advanced Alloys

This mod has metal alloy blocks you have to craft and smelt to get. Mixing other ores together to get new much stronger blocks. These include Bronze which is in between iron and diamond for characteristics like strength and durability. Aerospace Aluminum, Steel, and Concrete also can be made with some characteristics better than others, each having its own advantages / disadvantages, all of them blast proof and monsters do not spawn on them as well. Some are used in making new tools and armors .

Better Tools

Four new sets of armor and tools are included in this mod, including doors. Each with its own advantages / disadvantages like how long the tool lasts or how efficient they are. New materials like Titanium, Aerospace Aluminum, Bronze, and Steel are the basis for these tools and items.

Connected Textures

This mod's blocks all for the most part support connected textures so for example a 3x3 wall of glass looks like one single block as opposed to 9 seperate ones sitting next to each other. These blocks also interconnect with the other blocks of the same base type. So pyrex blocks, pyrex redstone wire blocks, and pyrex redstone wire lantern blocks all connect as if they were the same block. this allows you to for example run redstone wiring up a wall and not have the texture break. Effectively making it invisible or indistinguishable to the rest of the blocks making up the wall. Be warned this is video card and processor sensitive so be aware that if your lagging with vanilla minecraft this mod is not going to be speeding anything up. the better the video card / system you run this on the better it runs.

Compatibility with other mods

This mod requires Forge to be installed to run, as such its compatible with any Forge mod for the same version of mincraft. This mod does use a config file but not for block ids, nor does it ever use specific block ids for any of its blocks or items. they are determined at the time the mod is first loaded so there should be no conflicts. Best suggestion if you are having conficts with other mods is to install this mod last after the other mods complete for block ids. Also because this is a Forge mod also means the ingots in this mod are Ore Dictionary compatible, so in most cases you can use other mods ingots in place of this mods and vice versus as long as it also is Ore Dictionary compatible.

Wire Block Show hide

Added a key binding to help show wire blocks and wire lantern blocks, or make them appear when they are mixed with other blocks that are interconnected by texture to them. "=" is the default although you can change it to whatever you desire. This toggles between the normal textures and a more distinguishable ones for these blocks. Allowing you to easily see where your wiring is located in a wall, floor or what not. Warning because this changes the textures to all of these blocks at once means that sometimes the blocks dont change without a little help from a nearby block update. If you toggle the display and your wire blocks dont change simply do a block update anywhere in the chunk to force all of them to change. Quitting the game automatically resets this so you could easily just leave the game and come back in to get your connected textures back to normal.

Config File available

Once you started minecraft at least one time with this mod you can then go in to the config folder located in your default minecraft folder and find imelcraft.config file. this file allows you to turn on or off any creative tab. allowing you to selectively remove the blocks in the tab to further customize your experience. Dont want the fluids or the decorative blocks, no problem just turn them off in the config by setting them to false and restart minecraft.

Terms of Use

I dont mind if you include my mod in a mod pack as long as you give me a heads up and that you support it from that point on. Contact info found on my about page.

If you want to do a mod spotlight of this mod you are also free to do so, again I would require a heads up so i purely know it exists and if you want and i deam it would add to this site, i will post your link to it here.

Error and Bug notifications

What to do if you run into an error? Well first make sure its my mod causing the error by looking at the console log first. I am not doing anything crazy here and have tested all blocks already so true errors should be very rare. If they do occur then follow the instructions located on my about page for how to report the bug to me. In most cases i can fix it and have a new version up in a few hours.

FYI Before you call something a bug, well with regards to my wire blocks, please first make sure you dont have something crossed, remember redstone wire itself is directional and behaves a specific way like powering just the block under it. My wire blocks are different in that they provide directionless power, or more accurately provide power in all directions. Plus my wire blocks can have redstone put on top of them like blocks normally can, can have levers and other redstone power devices attached to them so they do behave a bit differently compared to vanilla wire. i have also noted a bug with vanilla lanterns and my wire blocks, sometimes they dont shut off even if no current is there, the lantern does not get the block update from the wire when getting indirect power, its rare but does sometimes occur. If this occurs change your wiring if you can so its not getting its power indirectly, or use my lantern blocks instead.

I do appreciate all feedback good and bad a like. See my about page for how to give feedback.

Thank you all very much and I hope you enjoy this mod.