ImelCraft Forge Mod for Minecraft
 Murdered By Zombies

Imelcraft now presents Murdered by Zombies mod for Minecraft and requires Forge to run. Go to our downloads page for the file. This is my second mod which really is best played with ImelCraft but is not required at all. this is currently in ALPHA release so expect major changes to occur as this mod id updated. This also means you should backup your world often to be safe. This is designed for muliplayer servers as well as single player, one file works for both server and client. Feedback can be left on our Curse project page or Imelcrafts Facebook page. thanks for playing.

What this mod is about

Basically this mod tries to meld aspects of resident evil and Parasite Eve into Minecraft. It sole purpose is to make nighttime in Minecraft extremely enjoyable. Instead of spending countless hours hiding in a hole you will find yourself wanting to go out and hunt more and more. The idea is simple, there is a new virus out there that infects mobs. These infected mobs move faster, are harder to kill, and do more damage. You have Zombie Lords, these are villagers who are turned to zombies then infected with this new mob virus. They then target other mobs infecting them with the virus. there is a small chance the infected will turn into slave zombies, they follow their lord and attack who their lord attacks, there is also a slim chance 2 zombies slaves will appear, and finally for skeletons, enderman, and creepers there is a slim chance they are turned into infected versions of themselves. This makes them faster, stronger, and more powerful. So this all sounds scary right? Well rest easy i am getting to the fun part. To combat these infected hoards i give you 4 different weapon classes, pistol, rifle, shotgun, and machinegun. Each weapon class has 4 different weapons currently with 3 versions of each one, thats 48 different guns. Each with its own strengths and weaknesses, and then there is more. to keep things simple they all work on the same ammo, and each one of them supports additional effects. Effects include explosive, lightning, fire, wither, weakness, steal, drain life, magnum, damage modifiers, and more. Each weapon has a select number of slots from 1 to 8 of them. These slots can be filled with effect items to add extra effects to your guns. All managed with one block called the Gun Workbench. this allows you to customize each gun however you diesire. All weapons and Effects are attainable by killing mobs only. I only provide you with the ability to craft bullets and one pistol, all others will be awarded as you either increase your overall level, or as you increase you gun skills for a particular class of gun. In other words overall kill score unlocks weapon classes and gun effects, Gun class kill score unlocks more guns of the same class, ie kill scores for pistols will unlock other pistols. Your current level is based on your scores which are aquired as you kill more mobs. Meanwhile the mobs will drop bullets and some things you need to stay alive like swords, armor, and food. this way you dont even have to stop and find food or armor, making it easier to just go out and shoot some mobs. i put a lot of work in the guns as well, each gun has its own unique sounds, bullets make ricochet sounds when it hits something hard, water splash sounds when they hit water, glass breaking sounds when you hit glass, and even ignite TNT with a bullet strike. there are 50 overall levels and each gun class has its own 12 levels, plus achievements keeps the game fun. This mod also works with all other Forge mods so you can play it with Mo Zombies to make it more of a zombie slaughter or play it as a standalone if thats what you desire.


access your stats anytime by using the minus(-) key on your keyboard, this may be made as a gui at some point but for now it will have to do.

The recipes:

There are only 3.


Bullet Recipe

Base Pistol

Pistol Recipe


Screenshot of the WorkBench GUI

Workbench GUI

Put your gun in the Gun Slot, any Effects go into the Effect Slots, it will only lt you put the correct number of effects in the slots that are supported by the gun. Therefore the gun needs to go into the gun slot first. Pushing the swap button will swap whatever effects in the gun for whatever effects are in the effect slots.

Future of this mod

I still have a lot to do with this mod. Create better models for the guns, work more on each guns action as well as the sounds are also slated to change. the main change coming soon will be the change of the workbench, I want to add in tools which you will be awarded that allow for moving effects from one gun to another. this will replace the current way the workbench functions. It should change the game a bit more and make it harder i think to play, by harder i hope that means more fun, but this will also be hinged on how the current functionality of it is accepted or not. i also plan to add to the infected mobs as well as cross over to the non mob entities like wolves, cows, sheep, and chickens. I want this to be the best zombie shooter out there for minecraft, granted It might be the only one out there, but the best all the same.



Zombie Lord

Zombie Slave

Infected Creeper

Infected Skeleton

Infected Enderman

Kill Score Screenshots